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Shade and Sails

Provide protection, value and appeal to your business or home by installing a shade sail to your outdoor area/s. Not only do they protect you and your assets from the harsh Central Queensland weather but they also reduce heat and protect from harmful UV rays while underneath.

We use a commercial grade knitted cloth manufactured using a combination of high-density monofilament. It is suitable for tension structures and other heavy-duty applications. With a high tensile strength that has proven durable and long-lasting within Central Queensland.


Add style and protection while increasing privacy, Awnings also keep any space cool in summer while letting the sun warm any space in winter.

With the ability to be fixed or retractable your business or home will surely stand above the rest.


Giant umbrellas are a fun, portable and cost-effective shade solution, they are sturdy and are able to withstand most weather conditions. With the ability to raise, lower or swing 360 degrees you can adjust to the most desirable position to best protect you while enjoying your outdoor space.

Engineered to withstand up to 80km winds and innovative engineering allowing all mechanisms (winch and cable) to be located within the main pole, creating a sleek and tidy appearance while only stainless steel bolts and fasteners are used.

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